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A Visual Guide to Choosing the Right Design...

choosing the right branding for your business with free spirit art kent

What is your Branding Style? We all have different ideas and tastes. Most businesses know what they want but some struggle with the vision. Here is a little visual guide to help you discover what you want from your branding. I am here on hand to help you as much as possible but 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' so it has to make your heart sing and only you know what feels right. Also see my Blog Post about Brand Identity and why it is so important which also discusses your target audience. Not only should it be right for your business but also attracting the right audience.

In my eyes there are several categories...

  • Corporate, Professional and Clean

  • Bold and Eye Catching

  • Simplicity - the look of effortless but beautiful

  • Classically Elegant

  • Whimsical and Magical

  • Quirky and Fun!

Lets look at some visuals to help you understand the differences. Below are some examples of businesses I have helped....

Corporate, Professional and Clean

For the client that wants to be taken seriously*. Fresh. Crisp. Clean. No Fuss. Wants to attract bigger contracts. specific organisations, medical | clinical associated or charities.

(*obviously we all want to be taken seriously).

Bold and Eye Catching

For the client that has something to say! Wants to stand out and happy to be bold and a little different.

Contrasts in colour normally involving at least one bright colour that is eye catching.

Simple and Effortless

For the client who wants understated, professional but still beautiful. A touch of class and often high end. Wants more than the corporate feel but still wants no fuss.

Classically Elegant

For the client that still wants no fuss but wants a touch of high end glamour or a touch of personality just peeping through. Blacks, Whites, Golds and Nudes are often used in this pallet.

Whimsical and Magical

For the client that has a feminine approach. Not afraid to be flowery, whimsical and bohemian. Often a creative, softness and attractive approach to their design. Often used for the fellow creative types!

Quirky and Fun!

For the client that isn't afraid to be themselves or really show what they do in their logo. Adding a little fun. Ideal for businesses involving animals, children, activities and the unusual..... Lots of colour and vibrance.

Consider your brand colours and once the design is agreed stick to them until you potentially consider a future re-brand. I can give you the colour codes too for each design so you always have the exact match. I will design all required matching stationary for you in the same design but with variations. You name it, I can pretty much design it for you!

What can I help with?

Websites | Landing Pages | Online Forms | Logos | Social Media Backgrounds | Business Cards | Leaflets | Brochures | Price Lists | Menus | Flyers | Gift Vouchers | Banners | Roller Banners | Stickers | Invites | Instruction Cards | Thank You Cards | Book Covers | Headed Paper | Posters | Wall Art and more!

Taking the stress away!

I am here every step of the way to reduce the stress for you. Some people can find this very overwhelming but luckily for you, I absolutely love it!

Bespoke Branding at Affordable Prices!

Claire Louise


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