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Brand Identity & why it is so important

Hello! So here I am writing my first ever blog post!

I thought I would start with sharing why it is so important to have brand identity. These words are floating around lately as the latest keywords. This can make it confusing and also quite intimidating especially to new businesses. So I wanted to take out a few minutes of my day to explain and let you know it's nothing to be afraid of!

Your brand is you, it's essentially your business and how you want it to come across to others. What you are about | What you are selling | Your personality | Your uniqueness | Your style | What makes you different | Each business has its own distinct identity and target audience, making it essential for your brand to incorporate your personality, style & business image but also appealing and attractive to your consumers. Make sure your brand says all of these things about your business - we want it to either be obvious what you do or at least make it look so intriguing that people will click on it and see what you are about! This is where I come in! Some businesses will know exactly what they want and others need some help. Together we can design something completely bespoke to you that helps you STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD. The market is currently saturated with new businesses and people going self employed. While this is exciting that people are using their initiative and business mind, it also makes its really difficult when everyone else is doing the same. So many wonderful people are working from home, having cabins built in their gardens and using extra space in their homes for an extra income. Since Covid - more people are becoming self employed or at least starting a side line to help pay for increasing bills. This is great for me for work, but not so for you when so many others have similar businesses. So lets help you look different from them!

So what kind of things can we look at? Ideally your consumers need to recognise your brand as soon as they see it! This obviously takes time and you need to be consistent and lots of marketing on those socials, daily if you can! So be patient. Eventually your brand image will start to set in peoples mind. So we need to make everything match or variations of your style, for example.... I design you a logo, we match the website to the logo, then we match your brochures, business cards, flyers, signs, banner, social media backgrounds etc.... what ever it is you need. Then you start standing out. How many instagram posts have you seen with the same background? Many people use canva - this has it's positives don't get me wrong, but if you use Canva, you will notice when other's use the same catalog of prefix backgrounds. We don't want that. We need to be unique, professional and recognised! Of course you absolutely DO NOT need to use me ha ha - some of you can do this yourself but I am here if you need me and hopefully you found some of this information useful.

A strong brand name and logo/image helps to keep your business firmly in the mind of your potential customers. If a customer's happy with your products or services, a solid identity helps to build customer loyalty across your business. People like to be associated with “good” brands.

Good luck with your business :)

Claire Louise - Free Spirit Art & Design

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